Prismatic (Poster)

I hate math. I failed it numerous times in high school and college. Not sure what it is but it never clicked for me, and I always had to put in more effort in order to barely pass the class. However, the only part of math that I didn't struggle with was geometry. I'd like to think that it was 1. my teacher who was super awesome and helpful (Ms. Barbour) 2. the fact that geometry is more visual. There are things you can look at and relate to the equation instead of just staring at a mixture of letters and numbers. 

Still, there were many kids in that class that did not do so hot and they all had the same excuse, "i just can't see it". They couldn't separate shapes from each other and ultimately ended up confusing them.

With all this in mind I've decided to make a 3-5 chapter book on geometry highlighting the hardest subject within; prisms. Prisms are complex shapes that make learning them more challenging, so I wanted to challenge myself to possibly fix the issue. 


By using Chromadepth 3D glasses, I've paired the subject of math and the technology used to make these glasses in order to make geometry easier to understand. Chromadepth glasses allow reds to come forward, yellows to be in the middle, and blues to be in the back. Using the possible "layers" that these glasses allow you to see, these glasses allow the user to finally see the sides and levels of prisms and help them understand using strong colors. Here is the poster that I've created in order to give myself reference and as a cool visual to pair up with the book.

The book is called Prismatic.

(If you would like to get a poster along with glasses please email me and I can send one your way!)