Codepen: City and Colour

One of my favorite bands of all time is City and Colour. He was one of the first that inspired me to learn how to play guitar and even write down a couple lyrics here and there. His songs are simple yet complex, and they really relate to a lot of people, one being me. A couple of years back I designed a poster for a class that highlighted him and his skills, yet I still thought it didn't do him justice as an artist and as a musician. So, recently I re-worked the poster and made it interactive. Using Codepen (a coding website), I made the poster be a bit interesting and allowed the user (you) to have a little fun.

Copy/Paste this link below to see the progress so far!

*HInt: Click on the Tuba / Trumpets / Hi Hat / Tamborine / Bass Drum Pedal

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

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