Ash Thorp

A good amount of my classmates are into After Effects and Cinema 4D. Unfortunately I have always had a hard time getting into it, the reason being is that it looks overwhelming and hard. Also, I've never used the programs so getting started was always difficult. 

Nevertheless, I've set a goal for myself this semester that I gotta do a motion piece(s) and start diving into these programs. The truth remains that these programs are the future of graphic design, so in order to be relevant, I need to make myself relevant. I'm nervous in the sense that I know it will be hard. Learning and trying to master Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop is a process on itself, so adding more things to the list is in fact overwhelming. Still, what I have to remember is that using these programs give me power as a designer. Power to communicate more clearly, more efficiently, and power to reach more people through design. 

I was recently introduced to Ash Thorp. His stuff is mad crazy! I'm not setting myself to be like him right from the start (that would be impossible/extremely frustrating). But It is always good to look at inspiration and see what is possible with these programs. Here is a video he created that I've watched probably ten times since my friends showed it to me (yesterday). Enjoy and keep an eye out for some motion stuff coming your way!

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