Ever since I was a little kid I loved skateboarding. I always loved to see the board flip in ways thought impossible, skate in the streets with friends, learn new tricks, and film videos. The best part though was going to the skate shop and looking and all the new decks. Countless of companies with countless of great designs that were both inspired by the professionals and their artists. It was like going to an art gallery.

Over time the older I got, the less I skated. Injuries were more common, less time was allotted, and life got busy. I gave away all of my skate parts and skateboard to a bunch of kids in the neighborhood and although it felt great to share such a precious personal item with someone, it was still sad.

About a year ago I was walking on 4th Street in Long Beach with my wife and I was looking for a new backpack for the new semester. We stumbled in on a Vans store and although I didn't like their backpacks, I did like their skateboards/long boards/cruisers they had displayed. In particular, the Gold Coast brand. Being a graphic designer that appreciates simple and graphic design, I was in love with the Gold Coast aesthetic. They all had great minimal graphics, great colors, great materials, and felt good when riding. Immediately I was hooked and that night I bought a board again.

I love my cruiser. I get compliments on it all the time. I look at it for inspiration and I ride it to have that feeling I used to get as a kid. I ride it all over campus, and If you are familiar with the CSULB campus, you would know that a skateboard helps (the campus is huge!).

Check out Gold Coast on the link below! Even if you are not in the market for a board, check out their graphics and you will see what I'm talking about. Plus they have a nice website and offer a bunch of other cool stuff.

Thanks Gold Coast for providing great boards at great prices!

Leonardo CebrowskiComment