Type That Kills

I've always had an interest in the juxtaposition of things, especially in design. To make a serious subject beautiful is a difficult task, but when pulled off is admirable. 

The "Type That Kills" project was juxtaposing the idea of a serial killer and his style in which he writes his threatening messages to his victims. Many times whether its in the movies or in real life we see killers writing messages to their victims in a scratchy and messy style, projecting their hate toward the victim. But what if that wasn't the case? What if this killer was typographically anal about his message?. What if he hated the victim, but couldn't create a messy message? Maybe the killer enjoyed typography too much? Maybe he has an appreciation for design?

The real question is, is it more scary? Does it send out a creepier tone to the victim, knowing that the killer spent so much time on this message? Should the victim be worried even more?

With this in mind I created this series. Enjoy!

Door: Hand carved.

Hallway: Painted with "make up blood" .

Mirror: Mixture of vinyl, clear coat spray paint, and mist. 

Leonardo CebrowskiComment