Post Its

I have a weird obsession with post its. Personally, I think the are the best think since sliced bread. You can write anything you want, buy it any colors you like, and stick it where ever you please. To a normal person that might not be so "out of this world" but to a person that needs to write down things so they don't forget (me), its the best.

Even though I'd like to think that I have a good memory (everyone does) unfortunately, it is not always true. Naturally, I forget a lot of things. Its not because I'm not organized or I'm not paying attention, but because its just how I am, and I have figured out over the years that the best way to beat that memory or lack of memory is to write it down and put it somewhere that I can see it. I have made notes or lists and put them up on the fridge, the restroom mirror, my wallet, my pockets, the door, and the most commonly used, my desk.

So I thought it'd be fun to do a little fun side project reflecting both my love for post its and my terrible memory. I bought a bunch more and started to randomly place them on my desk. I decided to use this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson because I feel it reflects both the thought of me having a good memory but the true fact that in reality, my memory is useless. Finally, I went with a script style/design because 1. I feel it reflects the quote and 2. its been a while since I've done any kind of calligraphy.


Leonardo CebrowskiComment