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Had the pleasure of collaborating with The Gathering Los Angeles (a church plant in North Hollywood) to come up with a new brand look. Along with the brand identity/art direction there were print, video and website deliverables.

Case study coming soon but for now, here is a taste.

Ping Pong

The agency I was working at had a ping pong table and my co-workers and I would play on it often. It was always "for fun", but secretly we all wanted to win.

Made a quick, minimal poster for a made-up tournament. The background is the paddle. The white circle represents the ball and its constant motion reflects the balls' movement during a match.

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Did a project recently that sparked the idea for this abstract typeface project. So far I have half of the letters done. Some letters obviously more challenging than others. Still, its been fun so far. Here's the A and the Z, more updates soon. 

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A buddy of mine gave me his old Pantone matching system a couple years back. I've always admired it since its an old one and it has used marks from when he used to work at a print making shop. 

I've had the idea of taking this system and color matching it with walls that I see around the city for a while and I finally had little time to execute it. 

The idea is simple: Color match the wall with the Pantone code, cut out the Pantone color, and let the wall be the color (that was cut out). Nothing crazy conceptual, just good 'ol fun. I'll be posting more as I go.

Pantone 180U / Wood Fence

Pantone 180U / Wood Fence

Pantone 664C / Kitchen Wall

Pantone 664C / Kitchen Wall

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I Voted stickers...

In the spirit of the current election I'm going to attempt to re-design the "I Voted" sticker. In a sense, the original sticker is iconic, yet it has not been re-done in a while and I think it need a little 21st century love. I'll be posting more soon, this is just a super quick B&W (and kind of bad) example of it

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Intelligent Animals Book Covers

I've recently been trying to push my illustration skills. 

1. Its fun to draw

2. Its fun to draw

3. Pushing my skills is part of my daily agenda.

I decided to draw up and design 3 book covers about 3 stories of intelligent animals. I placed the animals in the forefront of the book in order to highlight them, their story, and to give the reader a visual of who these characters are. 

Three animals. Three different and complex stories. 

Animal Farm: A pig turned tyrant (drawn in the Soviet Union style posters).


Mort(e): A cat soldier thought to be the savior of humanity (drawn in the church stained glass style).


The Mouse On The Moon: A mouse on a mission to get to the moon first (photoshopped to look like the famous moon mission in the 60s)

Foreword Show

On May 13/14 we had our showcase "Foreword". It was a two day event in which the students from the spring 2016 graduating class had the chance to showcase their work to professionals, friends, and families. With 500+ people showing up, merchandise sold, beer and wine drunk, and many selfies/trending posts/snapchats later, the show was a success. 

More pictures and videos will be posted soon, but for now , here is a sneak peek.

Prismatic (Poster)

I hate math. I failed it numerous times in high school and college. Not sure what it is but it never clicked for me, and I always had to put in more effort in order to barely pass the class. However, the only part of math that I didn't struggle with was geometry. I'd like to think that it was 1. my teacher who was super awesome and helpful (Ms. Barbour) 2. the fact that geometry is more visual. There are things you can look at and relate to the equation instead of just staring at a mixture of letters and numbers. 

Still, there were many kids in that class that did not do so hot and they all had the same excuse, "i just can't see it". They couldn't separate shapes from each other and ultimately ended up confusing them.

With all this in mind I've decided to make a 3-5 chapter book on geometry highlighting the hardest subject within; prisms. Prisms are complex shapes that make learning them more challenging, so I wanted to challenge myself to possibly fix the issue. 


By using Chromadepth 3D glasses, I've paired the subject of math and the technology used to make these glasses in order to make geometry easier to understand. Chromadepth glasses allow reds to come forward, yellows to be in the middle, and blues to be in the back. Using the possible "layers" that these glasses allow you to see, these glasses allow the user to finally see the sides and levels of prisms and help them understand using strong colors. Here is the poster that I've created in order to give myself reference and as a cool visual to pair up with the book.

The book is called Prismatic.

(If you would like to get a poster along with glasses please email me and I can send one your way!)



Valentines Day 2016

Many Valentines Day cards say "I Love You" "Be My Valentine" "You Are Special To Me" but not many properly say why. The lack of has always bothered me, which is probably why when choosing cards for my wife, they were always silly, and I would let my writing do the talking. 

This year I chose to take the usual "Leo silly card" and make it more personal all throughout. I love my wife as my partner and because she is an awesome mom, and the characteristics she has because of these are why I fell in love with her in the first place. 

Its simple, but I feel like it speaks more volume than the cards I've given her before. I hope you and she enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

The original card had a squirrel and a crab. The crab said "Sometimes you make me crabby".The squirrel said "Sometimes you drive me nuts". Inside it said "Still no matter what, I love you, no ifs ands or buts". Ha!

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Codepen: City and Colour

One of my favorite bands of all time is City and Colour. He was one of the first that inspired me to learn how to play guitar and even write down a couple lyrics here and there. His songs are simple yet complex, and they really relate to a lot of people, one being me. A couple of years back I designed a poster for a class that highlighted him and his skills, yet I still thought it didn't do him justice as an artist and as a musician. So, recently I re-worked the poster and made it interactive. Using Codepen (a coding website), I made the poster be a bit interesting and allowed the user (you) to have a little fun.

Copy/Paste this link below to see the progress so far!

*HInt: Click on the Tuba / Trumpets / Hi Hat / Tamborine / Bass Drum Pedal

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

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Type That Kills

I've always had an interest in the juxtaposition of things, especially in design. To make a serious subject beautiful is a difficult task, but when pulled off is admirable. 

The "Type That Kills" project was juxtaposing the idea of a serial killer and his style in which he writes his threatening messages to his victims. Many times whether its in the movies or in real life we see killers writing messages to their victims in a scratchy and messy style, projecting their hate toward the victim. But what if that wasn't the case? What if this killer was typographically anal about his message?. What if he hated the victim, but couldn't create a messy message? Maybe the killer enjoyed typography too much? Maybe he has an appreciation for design?

The real question is, is it more scary? Does it send out a creepier tone to the victim, knowing that the killer spent so much time on this message? Should the victim be worried even more?

With this in mind I created this series. Enjoy!

Door: Hand carved.

Hallway: Painted with "make up blood" .

Mirror: Mixture of vinyl, clear coat spray paint, and mist. 

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Ash Thorp

A good amount of my classmates are into After Effects and Cinema 4D. Unfortunately I have always had a hard time getting into it, the reason being is that it looks overwhelming and hard. Also, I've never used the programs so getting started was always difficult. 

Nevertheless, I've set a goal for myself this semester that I gotta do a motion piece(s) and start diving into these programs. The truth remains that these programs are the future of graphic design, so in order to be relevant, I need to make myself relevant. I'm nervous in the sense that I know it will be hard. Learning and trying to master Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop is a process on itself, so adding more things to the list is in fact overwhelming. Still, what I have to remember is that using these programs give me power as a designer. Power to communicate more clearly, more efficiently, and power to reach more people through design. 

I was recently introduced to Ash Thorp. His stuff is mad crazy! I'm not setting myself to be like him right from the start (that would be impossible/extremely frustrating). But It is always good to look at inspiration and see what is possible with these programs. Here is a video he created that I've watched probably ten times since my friends showed it to me (yesterday). Enjoy and keep an eye out for some motion stuff coming your way!

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Awesome video. Totally inspiring.

"We all know the solar system is huge. But just how large it is, is something that goes unappreciated by most. Until now. To help understand Earth's size relative to other planets in their orbits, filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Forosh – the team behind the YouTube channel To Scale– created a fully scaled model of the Solar System, using a tiny blue marble to represent Earth.

In just 36 hours a group of friends mapped out the orbits of the planets with the help of a GPS and a drone in seven miles of dry lake bed in the Nevada desert, then recorded time-lapse footage of the models in motion."

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Ever since I was a little kid I loved skateboarding. I always loved to see the board flip in ways thought impossible, skate in the streets with friends, learn new tricks, and film videos. The best part though was going to the skate shop and looking and all the new decks. Countless of companies with countless of great designs that were both inspired by the professionals and their artists. It was like going to an art gallery.

Over time the older I got, the less I skated. Injuries were more common, less time was allotted, and life got busy. I gave away all of my skate parts and skateboard to a bunch of kids in the neighborhood and although it felt great to share such a precious personal item with someone, it was still sad.

About a year ago I was walking on 4th Street in Long Beach with my wife and I was looking for a new backpack for the new semester. We stumbled in on a Vans store and although I didn't like their backpacks, I did like their skateboards/long boards/cruisers they had displayed. In particular, the Gold Coast brand. Being a graphic designer that appreciates simple and graphic design, I was in love with the Gold Coast aesthetic. They all had great minimal graphics, great colors, great materials, and felt good when riding. Immediately I was hooked and that night I bought a board again.

I love my cruiser. I get compliments on it all the time. I look at it for inspiration and I ride it to have that feeling I used to get as a kid. I ride it all over campus, and If you are familiar with the CSULB campus, you would know that a skateboard helps (the campus is huge!).

Check out Gold Coast on the link below! Even if you are not in the market for a board, check out their graphics and you will see what I'm talking about. Plus they have a nice website and offer a bunch of other cool stuff.

Thanks Gold Coast for providing great boards at great prices!

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Its been a while since I've posted stuff. Total fail, my bad. Life has been stressful to say the least. With that being said, today I was at Michael's and I saw this and had to have it. Its a Stress Brain. Feeling stressed? No problem! Just mush up this brain a couple of times and sooner or later you will be more relaxed and be full of ideas, motivation, answers, etc.

3 bucks gets you a long way.

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Post Its

I have a weird obsession with post its. Personally, I think the are the best think since sliced bread. You can write anything you want, buy it any colors you like, and stick it where ever you please. To a normal person that might not be so "out of this world" but to a person that needs to write down things so they don't forget (me), its the best.

Even though I'd like to think that I have a good memory (everyone does) unfortunately, it is not always true. Naturally, I forget a lot of things. Its not because I'm not organized or I'm not paying attention, but because its just how I am, and I have figured out over the years that the best way to beat that memory or lack of memory is to write it down and put it somewhere that I can see it. I have made notes or lists and put them up on the fridge, the restroom mirror, my wallet, my pockets, the door, and the most commonly used, my desk.

So I thought it'd be fun to do a little fun side project reflecting both my love for post its and my terrible memory. I bought a bunch more and started to randomly place them on my desk. I decided to use this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson because I feel it reflects both the thought of me having a good memory but the true fact that in reality, my memory is useless. Finally, I went with a script style/design because 1. I feel it reflects the quote and 2. its been a while since I've done any kind of calligraphy.


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